There’s something about middle schoolers that just warms my heart

I’m standing there doing my thing today when all the sudden one of the students hands me a cut out drawing of a “killer clown”. Random? Yes. Kind of weird? Yes. But I just thought it was so cute that he drew this clown and wanted to give it to me, the sub. It’s not the first time students have given me something. I was about to end my student teaching at another middle school and the most precious of all precious 12 year olds came up to me and handed me a piece of paper that was folded into a heart and signed by a group of the students. I still have it and will never throw it away because it was that kid that made me realize middle school was the place for me. Are there brats? Sure. But there are also those kids that look up to you and force you to be a good example.


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Always trying to find the bright side of life

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